A short translation I did during lunch break ^^
I love when seiyuus imitate each other and I just couldn’t stop laughing at Eguchi imitating Mamo, it’s spot on if you ask me ^-^/

Please enjoy this short clip~!  

Ryohei: It’s hay fever!

Eguchi: No it’s not

Tsubasa: Yes it is!

Eguchi: It’s not hay fever

Tsubasa: Then what are your symptoms?

Eguchi: My nose is itching, my throat is kinda scratchy
             and my body feels heavy.

T/R: Then it’s hay fever!

Eguchi: It can’t be hay fever~!!

Tsubasa: It’s not?

Ryohei: Well, not that it matters anyway

Eguchi: Uwaa~! So cruel!

Ryohei: Today is the 3rd of April so that means yesterday was Namikawa Daisuke’s birthday!

Eguchi: Daisuke-san! This is Daisuke’s pen!

Tsubasa: Really?

Ryohei: This ballpoint pen?

Eguchi: Apparently, he forgot it at the venue and Miyano-san picked it up. And then Miyano-san asked us "This pen…"

Tsubasa: What did he say when he gave it to you?

Eguchi: "Uhm, this is Daisuke-san’s pen by the way! Is there anyone who’ll meet up with him soon?"

Tsubasa: Today, you really sound like him!

Eguchi: So I said I’ll meet him. “Oh really? Then please take it and give it to him”

Tsubasa: The other day at and event, this Namikawa Daisuke didn’t know how to read to the kanji for ichizu (一途) and and turned to Toriumi-san for help. “Ne, Toriumi-kyun, how do you read this kanji?” he whispered to Toriumi-san in the middle of the event while everyone where watching and listening. So he totally got caught!

Ryohei: Namikawa-san is just amazing

Eguchi: Happy Birthday!

Tsubasa: Happy Birthday!

Ryohei: Let’s do this!

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* My mothertounge is not English nor am I 100% fluent in Japanese so I apologize for any weird grammar!

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Voice Feature Act #64: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Q&A translation :

1.       What do you think about when you’re hearing the word « Spring » ? Sakura ?

2.       You found a shooting star ! What do you wish for ? To stop the time !

3.       Your favorite place ? My bed (I can’t get up easily)

4.       If you could become an hero, what color would it be ? His special move ? Black. His special move would be “Gravity xx star !!”

5.       Your motto ? “Hajikete mazare” (T/N : it seems to be the line screamed by DBZ charas when they’re attacking…)

6.       What do you always bring with you ? My smartphone

7.       A person you admire ? UVERworld (Takuya)

8.       Your nickname when you were little ? “Mattsu”

9.       Which part of your body do you wash first when in bathroom ? My chest

10.   Something you failed at recently ? No comment…

11.   If you had one week off, what would you do ? “Fushigi Hakken” (mysterious discoveries; T/N : It’s a Japanese emission. Maybe he supposed he’d travel to search for these discoveries)

12.   If you were to be reborn, what do you want to be ? I’d like to see

13.   Your treasure ? All my fans

14.   Any fetish ? Thighs

15.   Your favorite color ? Blue

16.   A humain being you’d recommend to everyone ? No xx naga (T/N : Supposedly Shimazaki Nobunaga, his best friend)

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