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Uta without Kakugan

I wondered what Uta looks like without his kakugan, so I decided to edit some screenshots.

This is not his official eye colour, I just guessed. I went for the eye matches hair colour stuff since that’s the case of most characters anyway haha~

Uta with Kakugan looks more badass 

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The first two shots are from the actual PV.

The middle two shots were from the cameraman’s angle from the making of portion.

The last two shots are also from the making of after the director said cut and someone said that it looked good.

The many many facial expressions of Suzuki Tatsuhisa. All of them deal me some sort of damage one way or another…

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Mission aborted.

Not my best idea I guess, but I hope you guys still like it. By the way, new school term is drawing near and I think I’ll be busier than before (preparing materials and practical works for students). So bear with me T____T

And thank you for staying with me after almost a month break. Updates will be less frequent from now on -____-